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How To Kill Friends And Implicate People (2016, Thomas & Mercer)

The Miller Trilogy

A series of mystery novels set in the Black County, in England. Eoin Miller is a Romani detective who lives somewhere between right and wrong. He might not be the most reliable of narrators, but he’s got some great lines. The books explore social issues, and have been described as “Peaky Blinders in the modern day.“ 

-Old Gold (2012, Thomas & Mercer)

-Runaway Town (2013, Thomas & Mercer)

-Lost City (2014, Thomas & Mercer)

The Sam Ireland Mysteries

Jay moved his writing to Glasgow and found the voice and humour of the Dear Mean Place to be a perfect fit. The books mark a turn to a more comedic style for Jay’s writing. Sam Ireland is a young, initially reluctant PI. She only took over the family business when her dad fell ill. So far, Sam has managed to get in over her head in two punk rock crime comedies. Will there be more?

-Ways To Die In Glasgow (2015, Thomas & Mercer)

-How To Kill Friends And Implicate People (2016, Thomas & Mercer)